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The walnut, richness of our soil

Emblematic tree of the Périgord, the walnut tree is present in the region for thousands of years. The walnut and its oil have always been part of the cultural and gastronomic heritage of the Dordogne. The are
true national treasures !

An exceptional nut

The walnut is a great wealth of the Périgourdine heritage. Traces of walnut shells have been discovered in the dwelling places of the Cro-Magnon man where he lived 17 000 years ago.
In the Middle Ages, the population considered walnut oil as precious as gold. But it is only from the 17th century that the trade of walnut and its oil intensifies in the South-West. In the XIXth century, the Sarlat basin became the cradle of the walnut.

From 1950, the Walnuts of Périgord industry is structured with the characterization of 4 traditional varieties: Corne, Marbot, Franquette and Grandjean.

Today, more than 800 producers are involved in this sector.
Recognized and labeled AOC in 2002 then AOP in 2004, these distinctions value this exceptional nut. True pillar of the Perigord culture, walnut oil has obtained the PDO label since February 2021. This appellation protects an age-old know-how in Périgord, thus valorizing this exceptional product

Varieties of the walnut of Périgord

Oblong walnut, its kernel is blond and distinguished by its delicate aroma.

The Franquette

The courted

Round walnut of big size, its precocity makes it a walnut of predilection for the fresh walnut. When dry, its finely veined kernel has a very strong taste.

The Marbot

The traditional

Walnut with a solid shell that preserves a sweet kernel of very fine texture in the mouth.

The Corne

The rustic

Round walnut of medium size. Its fleshy kernel has a marked taste.

The Grandjean

The typical

Our orchard

Located in the cradle of the walnut, in Sarlat, the Noyeraies du Lander extend over 50 hectares. In the middle of this preserved nature, rich in biodiversity, 17 hectares of walnut trees are planted.

In this orchard, we produce exclusively the Franquette variety. This variety is the most cultivated in the Périgord region and is recognized for its productivity and its incomparable taste.
Here, we take care of our land to extract only the best.

The stages of the harvest

We harvest

We wash

We sort

We dry

We calibrate

We store

The manufacture of oil

After having harvested and selected our raw materials
raw materials, we transform them into oil
our mill located in the heart of the property. We
make walnut and hazelnut oil according to
according to an artisanal know-how.

The steps of the
manufacturing process:

With the help of a flint millstone, the walnut kernels and hazelnut kernels are crushed.

We grind

Once the dough is obtained, it is slowly heated in a cast iron pan to reveal the full intensity and flavor of the fruit.

We heat up

Once the paste is cooked, it is pressed to extract its elixir!

We press